Corporate Savings Accounts

If you want to earn the same rate of interest on every dollar or dinar, even on small balances, consider Aman's Corporate Savings Account. It's a convenient place to keep money that you'll need for business operations and expenses.

What has it got for you?

  • No base fees
  • No minimum or maximum balance
  • The same interest rate on every dollar or dinar in your account
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid every month
  • Large cash deposits will attract a cash handling fee
  • Electronic and paper statements available

Tip: Corporate Savings Account is a savings account. If you make frequent transactions in the branch or make frequent everyday transactions like bill payments and ATM and EFTPOS withdrawals, you should consider a current account to keep your bank fees down.

New Account Opening

To open a corporate savings account, please contact us to arrange a meeting with your account manager.