Features of Aman Online Banking

View Your account details

  1. One view of balances in your accounts.
  2. Term Deposit account.
  3. Loan Account.
  4. Download Account Statement with running balances starting from the first trnsaction.
  5. Inward Remittance Inquiry .
  6. Outward Remittance Inquiry.


  1. Loan details.
  2. Loan Activity.
  3. Loan schedule.
  4. Loan repayment inquiry .
  5. Loan settlement.

Open New Account

  1. Current Account.
  2. Saving Account.

Manage Your Cheques

  1. View your cheque details and track the status.
  2. You can request for a cheque book.
  3. Stop Cheque Request.

Transer Funds

  1. Transfer funds to your own accounts.
  2. Internal Account Transfer.
  3. Multiple internal Transfer.
  4. Transfer funds to accounts with other banks.
  5. Track your transaction history through Aman Online Banking.
  6. Setup standing instruction (SI) to make frequent payments to a specific account.
  7. Make transfer for a later date.
  8. Stop payment of Wired Transfer.
  9. Add/Search Beneficiary.


  1. Track your transactions on the move.
  2. Facility of email and SMS alerts.
  3. Three types of alerts: User Alert , Customer Alert ,Account Alert.
  4. You can subscribe / unsubscribe for the alerts online.

LCs and LGs

  1. Inititate LC.
  2. View Export letter of credit.
  3. View Import Letter Of Credit.
  4. Initiate Outward Guarantee.
  5. View Outward Guarantee.

FX Rate

  1. Exchange Rate Inquiry.

Term Deposit

  1. Open Term Deposit.
  2. Term Deposit Activity.
  3. Term Deposit Details.
  4. Amend Term Deposit.
  5. Redeem Term Deposit.

Standing Instruction

  1. Create a Standing Instruction.
  2. Standing Instructions : view/cancellation.

Draft and Bills

  1. Pay Bill.
  2. Register and delete biller.
  3. International Draft.
  4. Demand Draft Request.

Other Features

  1. Bulk Payments.
  2. Domestic Collection Inquiry.
  3. Foreign Currency Collection Inquiry .
  4. Initiate Foreign Exchange deal.
  5. View Foreign Exchange deal.

Contact US

  1. Mailbox facility to communicate with Us.
  2. Inbox and sent mail folders to track communication.