Q :How to get an internet pre-paid card?

The credit card you have (MasterCard and/or Visa Card) is not issued to be used online.


This card is accepted in any ATM or POS locally or internationally, but for online shopping / payment please find below its terms and conditions:


Internet Pre-paid Card


  1. Subscription fee: LYD 10
  2. Passport copy is needed for issuing, renewal or topping up
  3. Top Up commission 4%
  4. Minimum daily top up USD 50 and maximum daily top up USD 2000
  5. Top ups can be done in Libyan Dinars or American Dollars
  6. Claim your card on the same day
  7. This card is irrevocable (you can not cancel it and claim back its amount)


In case you cancel an on-line transaction refund will take 30 days from the transaction date.


P.S. It is not necessary to open / have a bank account to obtain this pre-paid card.


Q : How to check my internet pre-paid card balance?

To check your credit please login to: 


using your username and password


Q: How to open an individual account?

To open MasterCard & Visa Card Bank Account (without checkbook), you need to provide the following:

1-    (2) Passport size photos.

2-    Copy of valid passport including the validity page.

3-    Letter from your employer or the local council in your area, addressed to the   Bank, approving the opening of this account with Aman Bank .

4-    Commission of the two cards is 50 LYD per year. 

Now, enjoy this card around the world!