About Aman Bank

Aman Bank started as a Libyan shareholder company owned by the private Libyan sector. The idea of establishment came after Central Bank of Libya gave permission to establish private commercial banks. Aman Bank was one of the first banks that started operating during that time in accordance with Banking Law no.(1/1993) which was later replaced by Banking Law no.(1/2005) which defines in Article (65) the authorized activities allowed to be performed by any commercial bank in Libya.

Aman Bank for Commerce & Investment was established in 2003 under permit no.(140) issued by the Minister of Finance with approval from Central Bank of Libya in accordance with Banking Law no.(1/1993).

Capital and Shareholders

Aman Bank’s capital started with 10 million LYD in 2003 with 3,300,000 LYD as paid capital which was increased later to 10 million then to 33,340,000 LYD.

Since the development of the Aman Bank is a consistent goal of its founders whether in terms of financial position or expanding its services and competition capabilities, in 2010 Aman Bank entered into a strategic partnership with Banco Espirito Santo from Portugal, one of the largest banks in Europe, increasing Aman Bank’s capital to be 100,020,000 LYD.

Aman Bank now is 40% Foreign partner and 60% Libyan owned by the Libyan private sector. The Foreign partner is in charge of the executive management and represented by four members in the Board of Directors alongside with three Libyan Board members including the Chairman. Now Aman Bank is part of the international BES Group.