Corporate Governance

Aman Bank’s corporate governance model fully complies with the Libyan legal framework and Central Bank of Libya’s (CBL) regulations and “Corporate Governance Framework for the Banking System”. The Governance model is based on three pillars:

  • A Board of Directors that is in charge the overall strategy and controlling the management execution.   
  • A General Manager and his team that have the executive management of the bank and execute the strategic plan.   
  • A Control Committee that controls the work and results of the Board of Directors and the General Manager and his team. 


Board of Directors

The Board of Director is composed by nine members, including a Chairman and Deputy Chairman and seven Members.

The Board of Directors is composed by the following members :

  • Mr. Mokhtar Eshili, Chairman  
  • Mr. Antonio Cupertino Cardoso , Deputy Chairman
  • Dr. Mahmoud Badi, Board Member 
  • Mr. Jorge Gois, Board Member 
  • Mr. Khemais Abugreen, Board Member
  • Mr. Shaban Abu Sittah, Board Member 
  • Mr. Hatem Fheelboum, Board Member