Corporate Governance

Aman Bank’s corporate governance model fully complies with the Libyan legal framework and Central Bank of Libya’s (CBL) regulations and “Corporate Governance Framework for the Banking System”. The Governance model is based on three pillars:

  • The bank board of directors is responsible of constructing the strategies and designing the policies which are sufficient to realize the Bank’s purposes, choosing and monitoring the executive administration.
  • The existence of General Manager on the head of an administrative entity, who assumes the responsibility of executing the policies decided by the Board of Directors and facilitating the bank affairs.
  • A Control Committee assigned by the General Assembly that follows-up and monitors the Board of Directors and executive administration’s works.

Board of Directors

The Board of Director is composed by nine members, including a Chairman and Deputy Chairman and seven Members.

The Board of Directors is composed by the following members :

  • Mr. Mokhtar Eshili, Chairman  
  • Mr. Shaban Abu Sittah , Deputy Chairman
  • Dr. Mahmoud Badi, Board Member 
  • Mr. Khemais Abugreen, Board Member
  • Mr. Hatem Fheelboum, Board Member 
  • Mr. Abderrahman Ahmad Alhamrouni,Board Member 
  • Mrs.Racha Khalifa Alghoul,Board Member 
  • Mr. Mohamad Alhadi AlBakay Bouchhiwaa,Board Member 
  • Mr.Yousuf Mohamad Zaed,Board Member 


Control Committee

The Monitoring Commitee is composed by the following members :

  • Mr. Mustafa Ibrahim Sahbana, Committee’s Head
  • Ms. Haifa Ali Mohammed Omar, Primary Member
  • Mr. Abu Al-Qasim Saleh Nasr Aljamal, Primary Member
  • Mr. Zuhair Suleiman Mohammed Sulaiman, Reserve Member
  • Mr. Ibrahim Hussein Bashir Al Rayani, Reserve Member


Shari'a Supervisory Board

It is composed by the following members :

  • Mr. Ali Baqasim Ambiya, Board’s Head
  • Mr. Mourad Ibrahim Mouloud Mahjoub, Board Member
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Amine Belhaj, Board Member