Opening an account for students abroad:


Students abroad who wish to open an account with Aman Bank should provide the following documents to be certified by the Libyan Embassy in the country where they reside.

If unable to certify the documents in any Libyan Embassy, you may get the documents certified by the bank where you hold an account, an official legal notary in the country where you reside, a lawyer, or the department of legal affairs at the university you are enrolled in:


1.    Print out the forms from the link in our facebook page, fill them in and sign them.

2.     Provide a colored copy of your passport( Arabic/English/new validity)

3.     National ID number printed out from the official website.

4.     Provide the exact address abroad (for non Arab countries please write the address in English ONLY not in native language).

5.     A recent student certificate from university.

6.     Portrait photo.

7.     Fill in “Card shipment” form.

Please send all certified documents to our email

Note: Once your email is sent, you will receive a reply from Aman Bank confirming the reception of your email and you will be answered within 72 hours.

If you do not receive the confirmation please send again.

For any further information, please contact us via viber on:

+218911327882 or +218923572339.


Aman Bank Customer Care Service.

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